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Specialist consultancy for graphene based businesses...


The Graphene Boutique Business Accelerator


The Graphene Boutique Business Accelerator helps companies improve their success rates in bringing graphene based products and services to market.

Graphene - Energy - Composites - Electronics - Coatings - Filters - Sensors

Although graphene offers the promise of disrupting industries and improving the world we live, the science is complex and changing daily. A gulf exists between great graphene ideas and the skills needed to build a scalable and profitable business - it takes more than just the money and technology to succeed - it is significantly helped with some special graphene business glue!

Because the technology is so new it is sometimes better for SMEs to build up know-how and take small wins on their path towards the bigger prize.

We are currently building up specialist knowledge about the graphene business landscape, forging links with graphene technologists and developing an extensive national and international network of business partners and collaborators - If you want a fast track to market, allow us to work with you.

The smart way to succeed in this fast moving market is through product speed to market, cooperation and collaboration - not competition.


Companies like ZAP&GO and XEFRO get the importance of being a first mover in the graphene market and are developing the worlds first commercial graphene applications.

ZAP&GO with its portable charger that fuels up in just 5 minutes. Xefro with its - An intelligent graphene heating system, which is ultra efficient and results in a 50% reduction in carbon emissions.

Who is the Boutique Graphene Accelerator for?

  • SMEs to fast track graphene based products to market
  • Investors to minimize risk and realize returns in shorter time frames
  • Institutions get an alternative route to get the science out of the lab

Existing initiatives like the 'Graphene Flagship' service European expectations and provide funding for larger enterprises - that is not the same as getting into the trenches with investors and SMEs - Many innovations and breakthroughs will come from smaller more flexible enterprises financed by private investors or crowd funding.

Bringing graphene based products successfully to market requires the capability of overcoming the myriad of issues in the creation chain, from graphene-source through to launching a commercial product.

What Next ?

If you would like help bringing a graphene product or service to market contact me at.

Page updated: 18 June 2015

Colin Ward MBA
Business Mentor and Consultant

Having launched start-ups and grown technology companies in the Cambridge technology triangle I understand that entrepreneurs and investors want to give their ventures the best possible chance of success - We help plug the gaps in business expertise and bring a range of industry contacts and know-how.

Graphene Highlights

1 gramme of graphene can cover 2,600 sq ft (242 M2) – A little goes a long way.

3 million sheets of graphene stacked on top of each other just 1 mm thick – Tricky to see edge on!

Can flex 20% without damage – Not so many broken phones in back pockets.97.3%

Transparent – pop just 1% of graphene into a clear plastic and it becomes conductive.

Graphene Companies

ACS Material LLC.

Angstron Material


BGT Materials Limited

CNM Technologies


CVD Equipment Corporation

Graphene Laboratories

Graphene Nanochem PLC


Haydale Limited



Vorbrck Materials

XG Sciences


..... Graphene patents don't make profits - products do!